Once upon a time, a bear and a wolf fell in love.

Bear and Wolf Woodworking is a two-person team started by Gabie (the Wolf) and Perry (the Bear). Though we fell in love in Chicago, we now are living happily in our cozy "den" just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. As we attempted to furnish our first home together we began working on projects that were both fun and functional for our living space.

We both love our coffee and our whiskey and obviously needed the perfect table and coasters to set our drinks on. As we looked to find great furnishings we found ourselves in a Goldilocks "situation" where nothing seemed to be quite right. Thus, we started looking into making our own (thank you YouTube). After much research, we realized that we could turn our fun/functional projects into building our dream living space. We loved what we created and how it transformed our space and decided that we wanted to share this joy with others.

As we continue to create new items for our own den, we will add these items to our shops product line as well. We wouldn't settle for a subpar product for our own home, so you can rest assured that anything you buy from us will be top tier quality.

We work on each piece together so all of our handcrafted items receive double the attention and double the love. As an engaged duo that share many of the same passions, we are able to co-create pieces that have a balance of both of our personalities

Our current product line includes side tables, coffee tables, geode tables, live edge and river tables, charcuterie boards, serving boards, coasters, wall racks, wall art, shelves, beer flights, bottle openers and MUCH more to come.

See our current offerings below but if what you want is not listed, message us and we can offer additional options tailored to your request.

Thank you so much for supporting us and please do not hesitate to reach out with any special requests.
Check out our RAVING REVIEWS at www.etsy.com/shop/bearwolfwoodworking 

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